Scriptable image analysis

Scriptable image

Ozwol analyses your images intensely using algorithms based on the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. These algorithms are continually updated by our team to guarantee the best results and performances.
You can either combine or use them in their original state to obtain different results.

Scriptable image editing

Scriptable image

In addition to the traditional editing activities, such as crop, resize, etc., We give you access to a set of tools based on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.
With this, you can combine your traditional tools with our Artificial Intelligence and get astounding results.

Integration with RESTful API

Integration with

Analysis and manipulation activities are easily configurable using simple scripts written by our team. Such scripts can be executed using our RESTful API.
However, if you have special requirements, such as preparing your scripts on your own and require assistance, you can contact us immediately; we are available to support your individual needs.

Automatic executions through hot-folders

Automatic executions
through hot-folders

If you don't want to use our RESTful API, you can easily create hot-folders via S3 or SFTP and thus, connect them to your scripts to quickly analyze or manipulate images. Files are processed as soon they are loaded into each hot-folder, and the results are transferred to your favorite destination which could be, another folder, CDN or a remote server.

Automatic worldwide distribution using a CDN

Automatic worldwide
distribution using a CDN

All the asset can be quickly distributed worldwide via CDN. Your users will access them using the most closed node, thereby, minimizing delays.
Furthermore, depending on the plan you chose, you can track the use of the images you published and define an embargo date or an expiry date for every one of them.

Based on AWS cloud platform

Based on
AWS cloud platform

Ozwol operates on AWS; this ensures that our service guarantee’s reliability, scalability, and optimum performances to you.

Private area with dashboard of statistics

Private area with
dashboard of statistics

We offer you the opportunities to write your scripts, track your consumption and access every statistical data, connected to your projects.

Flexible plans and  Customized solutions

Flexible plans and
Customized solutions

We offer flexible plans subject to your needs and project’s dimensions. You can also access the lifetime free plan which gives you the platform to test our solution and can be perfect for those who has limited requirements.
In due time, you will be able to register and select the plan of your choice. For now, we ask that you, contact us to show your interests.

Do you think, analyzing and editing your images on your own proffers the best solution?

Ozwol has been created to simplify these processes, offering a worldwide CDN, extensive Cloud Storage, bandwidth, and all the tools you need to analyze and edit your images on the go.

Contact us, we are happy
to organize a demo for you.

Describe your case, and we would delightfully find a solution that can satisfy your needs.


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